Pumpkin in all its glorious forms: 5 American dishes to try out

Olivia Moulin

Published: 28/09/2015 17:24

Pumpkin tartlets
Pumpkin tartlets (©Laura/Creative commons)

The Halloween emblem can take many different culinary forms. Here is a selection of typical American pumpkin dishes. 

  1. Pumpkin pie

    After stuffed turkey with mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, it's THE traditional dessert to round off the Thanksgiving meal, served on the third Thursday of November: pumpkin pie. Try out the easy recipe by American TV star chef Paula Deen. Some prefer to replace the regular sugar with brown sugar or maple syrup for a stronger flavour. 

  2. Pumpkin soup Une soupe à la citrouille
    ©Betty Tsang/Creative Commons

    This creamy, comforting soup warms body and mind during the long autumnal evenings and is served with some slices of grilled bacon for a more calorie-packed, I mean, gourmet, result! 

  3. Pumpkin cake A slice of pumpkin cake
    ©Julia Frost/Creative Commons

    Do you like carrot cake? Then you'll love this even moister and meltingly soft pumpkin cake, baked with grated or cooked and puréed pumpkin. How can you compensate for the extreme mildness of the preparation and pimp up the recipe? A touch of tartness with two or three spoonfuls of orange or lemon juice, or even a dash of cider vinegar.

  4. Pumpkin stew Pumpkin stew
    ©Huwa Reserve

    Brought over by Irish immigrants, stew is now an integral part of American culinary heritage, but made with beef rather than lamb. 

  5. Pumpkin gnocchi Des gnocchis à la citrouille
    ©jimsideas/Creative Commons

    In northern Italy, squash is used to make these orange-coloured gnocchi. They are softer (and more difficult to form!) than potato-based gnocchi.  An invigorating dish, to be seasoned with sage butter and parmesan.