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A culinary travel guide. It was born from the idea that when we travel, we're looking first and foremost for new flavours. The articles are written by our editing team and by gourmet contributors who want to share their best culinary tips and tricks. It was created in 2015 and is edited by BeClood.

The Foodtracks team

Foodies and travel-lovers who want to share their passion, fighting against standardisation of cuisine and fast food. 

Isabelle Curet, chief editor
Of Vietnamese and Franco-Italian parentage, her first love is for the flavours of the Orient and the Mediterranean.

Johan de Faria, photographer and salesman
He has made two trips around the world - one of which was a culinary voyage with Isabelle, this Portugeuese and Breton bushwacker has no fear of fatty foods. He prefers hearty food and red meat.

Jason Kwan Tat, project manager and excellent cook
By far and away the most exotic member of our team. With a Chinese mother and a Mauritian mother, he was born in London, grew up in Mauritius and then Réunion, and then came to live in the metropolis. he knows curries, Dimsum and rum like the back of his hand!

Daniel Spring, American expertise in the land of the Gauls

An Anglo-American, he wants to improve the image of Anglo-Saxon cuisine and sweep away all the clichés, except one: Americans are the kings of barbecue.

Laurent Esposito and Simon Jenn, web experts and foodies

Proof that geeks, too, can love great cuisine...

Olivia Moulin, journalist
With a Madagascar mother, raised in Marseille and et passionnée par l'Asie du Sud-Est, elle goûte tout sans a priori avant de se faire un avis. A recent vegetarian, she now does her best to help other vegetarians find the best cuisine in all countries.

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This site was created for you, but also by you. Don't hesitate to give more information in the comments, to help other travellers, to share your top tips or to propos an article. Food's all about sharing!

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