Around the world in 5 spreads

Olivia Moulin

Published: 04/09/2015 12:00

©Janeen/Creative Commons

You can spread more than just Nutella on your toast! A tour of the speciality spreads used around the world.

  1. Argentina: "dulce de leche", regressive to the last drop
    ©Wendy Dunlap/Creative Commons

    This is one of the culinary specialties of Argentina: milk jam or "dulce de leche". The natives consume 3 kgs of this spread per year.

  2. Australia: Vegemite, for a very salty breakfast
    ©roseredshoes/Creative Commons

    Australians adore this concoction based on brewer's yeast, with its pungent odour and brown colour, and like to spread it on buttered bread. Not for sensitive stomachs!

  3. United States: fluff, 100% candy
    ©Ginny/Creative Commons

    In the US, marshmallow has been made into a very, very sweet spread with verrrry artificial flavourings. To be consumed in moderation!!

  4. Japan: anko, spreadable kidney beans
    ©Justin Pinkney/Creative Commons

    Sweet kidney bean paste is very popular for garnishing Japanese pastries.

  5. Maroc : amlou, a spread that tastes like the spa!
    ©le blog de jorjette/Creative Commons

    Argan oil isn't only to be found in the spa. Moroccans use it for cooking, in particular by mixing it with almonds or peanuts and honey to prepare this bracing spread, served at breakfast or as a snack.