5 fried dishes you can't afford to miss!

Isabelle Curet

Published: 05/11/2015 12:00

Boquerones fritos (©Manuel/creative commons)

The world's largest producer of olive oil doesn't do light cuisine. There's a good reason why olive oil is sold in 5 liter cans in the supermarkets! 

  1. Boquerones Boquerones fritos par Javier Lastras
    Boquerones fritos (©Javier Lastras/creative commons)

    Ah, "los boquerones fritos" (fried anchovies)! Served, seasoned with a little lemon juice, and devoured immediately, washed down with a cold caña (beer). They go down so quickly that's it's easy to forget their painstaking preparation. Before being rolled in flour and fried, the anchovies are opened, cleaned and rinsed, in order to remove the bitter taste of their innards. Don't forget that Madrid is the second largest fish market in the world, so try out as many seafood tapas as you can stomach. Some of the best fried tapas include parrochas (small sardines), chipirones (small cuttlefish), calamares (calamari), choquitos and chocos (small and large fried octopus).

  2. Berenjenas fritas with honey Berenjenas fritas with honey
    Fried aubergines with honey (@atl10trader/creative commons)

    Forget the french fries-ketchup, it's time for aubergines and honey! Cut in the form of fries, diced or sliced, the aubergines are rolled in doughnut pastry, plunged into the fryer, then sprinkled with salt. Then it's up to you to coat them with honey with the help of the pot provided. An amazing sweet/fatty/salty combo! 

  3. Las croquetas Interior of croquetas
    Interior of croquetas (©Amaya Rodrigo/creative commons)

    Every bar has its own recipe for croquetas, large balls of fried, thick, breaded béchamel with serrano ham, also containing cod (bacalao), chicken (pollo) or spinach (espinaca). An excellent crunchy/melting mixture, and the favourite tapas of Spanish boys and girls!

  4. Gambas al ajillo

    What's so special about this very popular tapa? Its container, a small terracotta plate, is placed directly on the heating source.  Garlic, chilli, and prawns (gambas in Spanish) are added to very hot oil. The result arrives piping hot at the table, with the oil still bubbling around the prawns. Simply delicious!

  5. Leche frita Leche frita
    Leche frita (©Javier Lastras/creative commons)

    Take some pre-chilled sweetened béchamel (milk, sugar, flour, egg yolk, cinnamon). Cut it into squares, roll it in breadcrumbs and fry it. Sprinkle with icing sugar and cinnamon, and there you have it - leche frita (literally, "fried milk"). It seems that the Old World still has a few things to teach the Americans about calorie bombs!