A day in Casablanca

Caroline, foodie living in Morocco

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Olives at the Habous market in Casablanca (©hewy/Creative Commons)

The economic capital of Morocco, whose name means "white house", boasts over 6 million inhabitants. Caroline, who lives in Morocco, will help us discover this teeming city by bringing us on a tour of its best kitchens. 

Casablanca is a large international metropolis, and not a "typical" Moroccan city where ancient Moroccan traditions are perpetuated. Its inhabitants are fond of foreign cuisine (French, Italian, Spanish, and recently, Japanese). My top culinary tip for you is not to miss out on the fish! But be careful not to just pick any old restaurant. The bigger, more crowded, more garish in terms of Moroccan décor, and more filled with waiters calling out to you it is, the more you should avoid it. By the way, I'm often asked where to buy makroudh…these pastries are Tunisian or Algerian, so they are available but are in fact by no means a local specialty.

Guideline prices before visiting Casablanca:

A lunch: 120-250 dirham (11-23 euros)
A dinner-to-go: 70-120 dirham (6-11 euros)
A dinner in a chic restaurant: 250-500 dirham (23-46 euros), wine included!


Breakfast: baghrir and msemen at La Sqala

Petit-déjeuner à La Sqala
Petit-déjeuner à La Sqala (@Hamid N/Creative commons)

No better way to start your day than at a table in La Sqala, the only high-quality traditional Moroccan in Casa. The location is magnificent: the restaurant is built on a fortress. Shady terraces, zellij (mosaics), fountains... on the menu: Berber omelette, baghrir (pancake riddled with tiny holes), msemen (square pan-fried dough) and honey, jam and…argan oil to be spread on various breads. After such a breakfast, you'll not feel peckish for another 48 hours! La Sqala is a guaranteed hit at any time of the day, with a range of fresh juices, briouats (Moroccan samosas), selections of Moroccan salads, tagines and various casseroles.

Boulevard des Almohades, Casablanca, Morocco
Open everyday from 8 am to 11 pm
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Lunch: fish on the cornice (la corniche)

A stop by the cornice to taste the fish of the day while overlooking the sea. Three excellent restaurants which are on no account to be missed.

©La Terrazza

La Terrazza is located on Tahiti Beach, and is a great place to lunch with your feet in the water. There's a great range of cuisine on offer (snacks, meats, etc.), but go for the incredibly fresh fish, grilled or vertically cooked over a wood fire (bream, bass, sardines).

Boulevard de la Corniche, Tahiti Beach, 20100 Casablanca,
Tel : +212 5227-97836
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Enjoy excellent fish and shellfish cuisine in a pleasant setting with an outstanding view of Casablanca's Hassan II mosque. A very relaxing and enjoyable experience. 

Complexe Au Petit Rocher, bd de la Corniche, 20160 Casablanca, Morocco
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The markets before a snack at Bennis Bakery

An after-dinner stroll in the various markets is a must. To take in all the local flavours, take a ramble from the Mâarif market to the central market (olives, honey, argan oil). A little further on, be sure not to miss the olive souk in the Habous quartier, a square courtyard covered in jars filled with olives. You enter via door 50 of the El Jedid souk. Then, off to El Baladya square, the butchers' playground, to enjoy some tasty barbecue. If you want a little adventure, try the camel meat!


To drink at all moment of the day


©Mhiguera/creative commons

Moroccan mint tea, of course! It's available in all the restaurants and tearooms. Contrary to received wisdom, it's better to drink it hot rather than cold in the summer! Another good choice is orange juice, which is always served freshly-squeezed (that makes all the difference). 


Difficult to describe the Restaurant du Port in Mohammedia, located 20 minutes from Casablanca, except that everything is superb? Order fresh fish with salt crust as a main course and a gargantuan Norwegian omelette as a dessert, it's not all typical maroccan cuisine but it's all delicious!

1, rue du Port, 20800 Mohammédia, Morocco
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Pub or skybar for one last drink?

Don't forget, alcohol consumption is officially forbidden in Morocco; at least, in theory. In practise, here are some bars to explore.

For a real pub atmosphere, drop by Chester's in Casablanca or the Big Bamboo in Mohammedia. For a lounge atmosphere, don't miss the Sky 28, a bar located on the 28th floor of the Twin Towers, giving a panoramic view of the white city. If you want to go out on the cornice, go for the Skybar of the Villa Blanca, the Maison B. or Le Cabestan.

  • La Sqala
  • La Terrazza
  • Chez Paco
  • Le Cabestan
  • Bennis Bakery
  • Le Restaurant du Port

La Sqala
Boulevard des Almohades
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Open everyday from 8 am to 11 pm

La Terrazza
Boulevard de la Corniche
Tahiti Beach
20100 Casablanca
Open in Google Maps

Tel : +212 5227-97836

Chez Paco
Complexe Au Petit Rocher
bd de la Corniche
20160 Casablanca
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Le Cabestan
90, bd de la Corniche
20160 Casablanca
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Bennis Bakery
2 rue Fkih El Gabbas
Quartier Habous
Open in Google Maps

Le Restaurant du Port
1, rue du Port
20800 Mohammédia
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